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My name is Abbie and I am was one of the youngest Customer Relationship Managers at Credit Corp.

I started in April 2016 and got rookie of the month in May for hitting 236% of my target. I have reached target most months that I have been here – 10/13 to be exact but who’s counting… 😉

I am still one of the youngest and I work hard to be one of the best. I moved into a specialist team in December 2016 and was named Employee of the Month for exceeding my target.

I’m currently doing the JUMP program to develop my leadership skills and I was promoted to Senior CRM in 2017 and I’m proud to represent all productive youths.

Like most people I started my job search online and the first application I made was to Credit Corp. I was fortunate enough to receive a call back within minutes of submitting my resume and when I landed the job the following day I thought it was all too good to be true. I was waiting for the catch. To my delight the catch never came and since then Credit Corp has afforded me the flexibility and support to raise a beautiful daughter, buy a house, make great friends and enjoy a level of professional development I doubted would be possible when this journey began.

From my first day in training I knew I’d walked into a quality operation. A company that encourages engagement in accredited training and offers award-winning ongoing in-house training. With this support I have now progressed to the role of Team Performance Manager. I’ve been with Credit Corp 5 years now and look forward to many more.

I started my journey here with Credit Corp back in August of 2014, after winning the award of “Rookie of the Year” in December of 2014 I knew I made the right choice. I came from a company that did not value my positive attitude or strong work ethic. Those are two traits that have allowed me to excel in my now career here with Credit Corp. Excited about the potential of growth, I worked hard & I was promoted to a Senior CRM in September of 2015. I did not want to stop there so I pushed myself to become a TPM & was successful in August of 2016. Fast forward to my current position, an opportunity opened up, as of May 2018 I am now a Learning & Development Specialist for the US site. I’ve seen the career/personal growth opportunities this company has had to offer and I’ve never wanted to stop moving forward. A big part in that is because Credit Corp has provided me with the different pathways to success that have enhanced my leadership abilities. Being a single mother the statistics aren’t always in your favor. Credit Corp has given me a supportive work-life balance & multiple opportunities to build a career along with personal development.

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